Office Appropriate Makeup

Office Appropriate Makeup

Not all of us have a dream job that allows us to go to work with a full face of makeup that matches our personality and wardrobe.

Makeup enhances confidence. Some of us love a full face layered with 3 pumps of foundation, 3 heavy swipes of concealer, 2 layers of powder, contour, highlight and so forth. But not all of us can go full glam at work. We have to tone down lashes, lipstick colors, highlighter and be careful of too much eyeshadow. The act of toning it down conceals our true selves, BUT there are ways to avoid office-style conformity. I have found a way to express myself with my favorite cosmetics.

Here are my tips on how to arrive at work wearing office appropriate makeup. 

Skin-Like Finish Foundation

Liquid Foundation

Delali Robinson Cosmetics

Natural to sheer coverage is the goal type of foundation finish. You do not want to look as if you put on 2 pounds of matte finish foundation that can appear as a frozen face or you’re ready for multiple selfies on Instagram or YouTube. Instead go for enhancing your complexion using a radiant, second to skin finish foundation. 2 brands that have perfected this formula is Delali Robinson HD Foundation and UOMA Beauty . Both new brands have foundations that will give a skin like finish that will oxidize to match the undertone and your skin complexion. 

3 Dots Of Concealer

Some Instagram and YouTube beauty influencers, not all of them, have us thinking that every day girls who work in an office environment should be wearing about 3 heavy swipes of concealer under the eyes. That is incorrect. 

Sir John Method

Concealer Blending

When applying concealer I suggest applying 3 small dots of concealer on the fine lines then blend with a fluffy blending brush down towards the nose, outward towards the cheekbones and outer corners of the eyes. Use a sponge with translucent setting powder to set the concealer in place. Trust me in the concealer tip. Besides Beyoncé’s makeup artist Sir John does this and it works like magic! Don’t forget, to use that same powder with a fluffy face blush to set the foundation.

Neutral Eyeshadow With A Pop Of Color

Pop Of Color

Neutral Eye On Top

Eyeshadow looks can definitely be tricky when it comes to the workplace. Their eyeshadow looks that are safe are neutral shades such as brown, off-white, gray or black and then there are the bright pinks, blues, purples and greens eyeshadow. These looks that you love to wear outside of work that can definitely cause you boss to give you the side eye. 

The best way to incorporate color with your eyeshadow is to add it on the lower lash line. By doing it this way you are playing it safe while keeping your job. Yes, those colorful eyeshadow palettes are tempting to wear daily but there is a time and place to do a full on, colorful cut crease. 

Your Natural Lashes

Enhance Your Natural Lashes

Eyelashes are the perfect finish to an eyeshadow look. You can add on 5 layers of mascara to give you long and curly yet full lashes or you could apply a strip lash that has 25mm of faux mink. That probably would not be a good idea. 

Instead use a lash primer which will create a layer of volume and hold then apply 2 layers of mascara. Using a primer will give the illusions of fuller and longer lashes without the extensions.

Bronzer In Place of Blush

Credit: Prime Beauty

Credit: Prime Beauty

Blush is beautiful however the newly formulated bronzers come in all different shades now with different undertones. You could use bronzer as both a blusher and bronzer that will slightly lift the cheekbones by blending it upwards after it has been placed in the hollows of the cheekbones. These newer types of bronzers have a different “blushing” undertones such as reds, pinks and purples so you do not want to use this to contour around the forehead. You’re only going to use this in the hollows of the cheek and blending it up towards the cheeks and the temples.

Always Set Your Makeup

As with any make up look you definitely want to set it in place with a setting spray. Setting sprays lock in the placement of the makeup products and allows it to increase the longevity of the overall look.

Remember the goal is to have office appropriate, natural finish of makeup not a face that will turn so many heads that your boss will call you in for a one-on-one.

Now that you have learned what is appropriate for to wear to work in an office environment, share your office appropriate makeup tips below.

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